Administration, Human Resources and Accounts

Jadwiga Krawczyk

Director, Department of Administration, Human Resources and Accounts

An expert and manager with many years of experience in the field of management of administrative and HR departments. She has acquired experience in finance, insurance, telecommunications and manufacturing organizations. Jadwiga has extensive knowledge of labor law, social security law and personal income taxes.

Her motto is “He who moves not forward, goes backward”, and therefore she constantly expands and upgrades her knowledge in the fields of administration and HR in certified courses provided by coveted organizations such as the EY Academy of Business. She participates in training courses and industry conferences.

At the Firm, she is responsible for supervising and organizing the work of her department. She is also responsible for the proper functioning of the company’s administration. Her responsibilities include managing HR and payroll processes, clerical service processes, ensuring the smooth functioning of the office by developing and enforcing procedures, ensuring the optimisation of processes and costs of corporate asset management, and coordinating the work of subordinate units (administration, accounts and HR). Additionally, she supervises employee recruitment and selection procedures.

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